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Department Cooperation with Sigma Software

Sigma Software and Lviv Polytechnic University start cooperation on “knowledge triangle” model

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Department Cooperation with Sigma Software

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Software Department @ Lviv Polytechnic National University

Software Department established in 1990.

Courses at the department provide 7 doctors and 20 candidates. Most teachers combine teaching activities with the work in leading IT companies: Edvantis, Eleks, Lohika, Adva-Soft, SoftServe, Dinamica Generale. Due to this students have to undergo training and technology, pre, research practices in these companies acquiring practical skills, skills and professional experience.


Software Department Staff
Software Department Staff

Software department provides training in:

bachelor degree in the direction of
  • 121 Software Engineering
master degree in the field of
  • 121 Software Engineering
PhD degree in the field of
  • 121 Software Engineering

Software Engineering

a new in Ukraine perspective training specialists direction in the field of "Computer Science and Engineering", whose appearance is due to the needs of modern software industry, associated with all aspects of software production from the early stages of creating the specification to support system after commissioning.

Students direction "Software Engineering"

study thoroughly and deeply, not only programming and software development tools (C/C++, Java, C#, F#, .NET, SQL, HTML, PHP, Javascript, Prolog, LISP), a professional master all aspects and the latest technology in the engineering software industry.

Direction "Software Engineering"

covers both the identification and analysis of requirements for software systems, designing software systems, interfaces, databases, verification and software testing, operation and maintenance of software systems and management of software projects, Communications of the group of developers, quality assurance software products.

Graduates of the direction of "Software Engineering"

get qualification of "specialist in developing and testing software and can work in such positions: programmer, software tester, architect of software systems analyst, manager of software projects, quality engineer software products. 

Software Department video presenation (ua)


Software Department Current International Projects:
Dinamica Generale
Software Department IT partners:
KindGeek ЛінкАпСтудіо DataArtN_IX Sigma SoftwareSymphony Solutions Eleks Adva-SoftSoftServeEdvantis ComarchDinamica Generale