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Department Cooperation with Sigma Software

Sigma Software and Lviv Polytechnic University start cooperation on “knowledge triangle” model

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Department Cooperation with Sigma Software

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Educational activities

Department trains specialists of three educational levels:

first (bachelor) level

Bachelor`s Degree can be gained after four years of training

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Second (master) level

Master`s Degree (first academic degree) can be gained by a bachelor after a 1.5 year training
Students can be recommended for master`s training if they are prone for research and have advanced theoretical basis.

courses map (term of study - 1.5 years)

courses map (term of study - 2 years)

third (educational and research) level

121, Software Engineering

Department graduates can work in research and development, research and production, design and production, commercial, consultant, banking institutions and establishments of different forms of property, insurance companies, stock exchanges, international companies and their local branches, in organizations engaged in administrative, social, economic and political activities in spheres of culture, ecology, medicine, etc., that is to say in spheres, which need information processes automation on the basis of computer information systems and technologies.

Software Department Current International Projects:
Dinamica Generale
Software Department IT partners:
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