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Sigma Software and Lviv Polytechnic University start cooperation on “knowledge triangle” model

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Department Cooperation with Sigma Software

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A Vision for Multimodal Biometrics: Challenges and Opportunities


В понеділок 19 червня о 13:30 в аудиторії 303 ХХІХ корпусу відбудеться зустріч-семінар з професором Reza R. Derakhshani

Title: A Vision for Multimodal Biometrics: Challenges and Opportunities

Abstract: How do we establish trusted identities? We are who we are (the way of natural authentication or biometrics), not something that we memorize (passwords) or something that we have (physical keys and tokens). With their historically unprecedented global penetration, mobile devices are now our de facto all-in-one point of entry to digital life; but they are also prone to being misplaced or stolen. With more critical functions such as financial transactions tied to our devices, the critical question is: who’s holding them? Since the most natural interaction with a mobile device is looking at it, eyes and faces emerge as the most notable biometric modalities. In this talk we discuss new face and eye biometric technologies, with the latter using vasculature seen in the white of the eyes along with its surrounding micro features; a novel biometric modality called “Eyeprint”. We discuss how these cutting edge biometric technologies have resulted in breakthroughs such as revocable biometric key generation and anti-spoofing. We present our vision of seamless personal authentication for a connected smart future free of passwords and physical tokens and delivering secure, private, and convenient trust.

Bio: Dr. Reza R. Derakhshani is an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at University of Missouri, Kansas City. He is also the Chief Scientist and technology inventor at EyeVerify, a Kansas City biometric startup that was recently acquired by Ant Financial. He earned his Ph.D. and Master’s degrees in Computer and Electrical Engineering from West Virginia University. Dr. Derakhshani's research interests are in biometrics, computational imaging, and biomedical signal and image processing using computational intelligence paradigms. His interdisciplinary research has brought about close collaborations with various researchers and institutions. His research projects include mobile biometric identification centered around vasculature seen on the white of the eye (commercially known as Eyeprint ID), biometric anti-spoofing for ocular and face modalities, HDR/hyperfocal/multispectral biometrics, noninvasive brain computer interfacing, and non-obtrusive affective-cognitive analysis using postural and ocular dynamics. His work has been sponsored by private industry and various state and federal agencies, and has resulted in many peer-reviewed publications and U.S. and international patents. Dr. Derakhshani is a member of National Academy of Inventors, IEEE, and an Ambassador for Privacy by Design. Please see and for more information.

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